Storm Damage

Our staff, family and friends have all felt the impact of devastating storms in our area. We understand the overwhelming frustration and anxiety that comes with an unexpected tragedy.

After a storm or fire, broken windows, roof damage and other unsecured entryways can be left in your home. Often, it is the homeowner's responsibility for minimizing all damages. We strive to provide exceptional customer service while promptly responding to your emergency storm damage with the utmost care. We have the ability to assist in any storm situation: tornado, hurricane, blizzard, flood. Perhaps it’s a gaping hole in a roof, damage from a falling tree, collapsed fence, falling gutters or deck reconstruction. 

Cleaner & Dryer's on-call staff can provide board-up services, temporary fencing, debris clean-up and removal, and roof cover. We can also ensure that all windows and entry ways are safely secured. Because Cleaner and Dryer is skilled in comprehensive water and fire damage cleanup, we can completely reconstruct your property back to the way you remember it or better!